This beautiful piece of mammoth ivory has been carved as a fishing scene. Notice the large boat, sailing over the waves. The boat is managed by a man who is rowing while another one sits on the other end, and is sculpted as a fisherman.  Notice the details on the boat, the impression of wood has been hand painted, look at the way the brown lines have been drawn. These have been hand painted by the Master Carver, creating an impression that the wooden boat is sailing over large waves. See how the wooden par is placed over the side, as if skimming over the water. The man rowing the boat is sitting on a stool, as he navigates the boat carefully with a large staff. Notice his long black beard, and total demure.

The thatched roof of the boat has been painstakingly carved, giving the boat a realistic rustic look. There are two fully carved and hand painted men sitting inside the structure, enjoying tea. The tea pot, cups and a table is creatively carved. Notice the details on it. Look at the rattan hat on its side. It has been kept conveniently on the side as the man rowing the boat is not wearing it, unlike the fisherman. The roof of the boat’s shelter has two pairs of shoes, one pair of each man. With each pair, one of the shoe inter-balances on the other. A reed jacket has been piled on the top of the roof while the fisherman wears the other one.

Carved to perfection and intricately detailed, the robe of the fisherman can be seen hand-painted with Oriental motifs. See the bamboo fishing rod that the man holds. See the large basket in front of the fisherman and how he nets a fish on the side. The complete fishing boat and figurines are set on the table.

Mammoth ivory Carving Figurines are absolutely legal worldwide.

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Measurements :
 Height 12 cm,/ 4.72 In, Width: 33 cm / 13 In , Length: 8 cm / 3.14 In