The mythical and mystical creatures of dragons have been a fascination for years, and appears in many far east Asian artwork. This legal mammoth ivory carving is no different.

A Unique Dragon Carving

However, what makes this legal mammoth ivory carving unique is the manner in which those dragons appear in the carving. Most significantly is how the master carver focuses on making one dragon dominant and making every other dragon lead up to the focus one. The one in the middle.

Also, what’s very noticeable is how he makes each dragon connect. It’s through the abstract carving and placement of the tongue or the body, make this mammoth ivory carving blend perfectly.

In addition, the master carver truly creates a magnificent piece by sparing no expense to give this carving detail and features which make it difficult to not be mesmerized by the piece. In fact, the carvings of the dragons are truly mesmerizing, nearly enchanting. And since the primary focus is on the detail in the carving itself it’s not hard to notice these nuances that make the piece spectacular.

Yet, for all these wonderful features and this fantastic design this mammoth ivory carving is quite simplistic, traditional and timeless.

Legal Mammoth Ivory Carvings

This is one of our most cherished piece. However, like all our other mammoth ivory carvings we only use legal mammoth ivory. Ivory that’s only source is Siberia and Alaska. This is why our legal mammoth carvings fetch a higher price, and maintain their retail value.

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