This exquisite sculpture is of a fruit seller in traditional attire with baskets full of Wild Strawberries. Have a feel of the immense joy on his face as he smokes the pipe while happily going to the marketplace. Carved with great details, this painstakingly hand crafted sculpture is all about the skills and acumen of a Master Carver that is greatly reflected in this wonderful figurine. The beautiful detailing on his dress adds to the stirring magic to his personality.

Set upon a beautiful wooden base, this figurine of the barefoot fruit seller is all about the perfect mix of pride and happiness that one can associate with the ideal life. The rope is entwined around the wooden stick that is carrying the two baskets full of fresh fruits, making it look real. The perfect symmetry of the overall appearance, moustache, delicately crafted fruit baskets, and smoking pipe adds to the beauty of this figurine. Near his feet you can see some fruits sneaking out to stay close to the Mother Nature. So much detailing with perfect preciseness! It really takes a lot of creativity and imagination from the skilled Carver of this figurine to go into such details.

Your eyes just could not just stop adoring the pleasures that this man is getting in awe of his work and lifestyle. The beautiful smile on his face just says it all. Notice his astonishingly-crafted eyebrows, eyes, and the nose. The beautiful motifs and curves of the dress are crafted so perfectly that you just cannot stop your eyes from appreciating this elegant masterpiece.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Size of Legal Mammoth Ivory tusk:



Centimeters Inches
Height 15 5.9

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