This amazing sculpture of a fisherman in traditional garb holds on tightly to a fishing rod and in his other hand, there are three fishes. Look at the glee of happiness on his face as he holds on to the day’s catch of fishes. Notice the exquisite detailing on the dress, even though it is carved in tiny details but each motif, each curve and fold is extremely well-crafted. Notice the painstakingly hand crafted sculpture that showcases the traditional motifs on the dress. See how the trousers of the fisherman have been upturned, with each fold showing separately as if it was cloth and not pure mammoth ivory.

Notice the tiny feet and fingers, each toenail can be seen perfectly. It takes acumen and skill of a Master Carver to get the perfection that can be seen on this figurine. See how the fishing rod is held. Crafted from bamboo, the rod is uneven, as if crafted by the rustic fisherman. The rope is entwined around the fishing rod and can be seen in three dimensional which is amazing feat because the sculpture has to craft and sculpt mammoth ivory with extreme detail to make it look real. The perfect symmetry of the face, delicately crafted hair, beard and mustache adds elegance to the figurine.

Notice the three dimensional fishes, tiny scales all over the body that have been crafted in detail. The delineated lines and exquisite details showcase the ability and talent of the Master Carver as mammoth ivory is a fragile material to carve with. One of the fishes is lying on the ground as if it slipped the hook of the fisherman. Near his feet can be seen the sea anemones and aquatic plants. It is set upon a beautiful wooden base, which adds elegance to the sculpture.

Mammoth ivory figurines are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Measurements :
Height: 15 Cm/5.90 Inch,  Width: 7 Cm/2.75 Inch,   Length: 6 Cm/2.36 Inch