Laid Laughing Buddha Sculpted in Mammoth Ivory

You can buy this peaceful, beautiful, yet unique work of Laid Laughing Buddha carefully sculpted with original mammoth ivory.

Even more, this can add peace, tranquility and feng shui to your home, office, garden, yoga studio or meditation space with this decorative yet Precious Buddha Sculpture.

Laid Laughing Buddha

The Buddha carrying sack symbolizes a traveler. One version is that the sack means that he collects people’s sadness and woes and puts them in his sack. While another version is that the sack symbolizes wealth and good fortune. Often called the Happy Buddha, he is really Hotei, a monk of the T’ang Dynasty.

Similarly, you can see he is carrying a sack of candy, that he give to children in the street. Many Chinese Buddhist believe he was an incarnation on the Buddha Maitreya.

Above all this Exotic Buddha Statue is carved with care and precision by a top master carver.

The most popular Buddha in the world, this Reclining Golden Laughing Buddha is well-known as a charm for a fruitful and joy-filled life in Feng Shui.

Happily resting upon a bag of wealth and raising a gold ingot in his hand as a further sign of abundance, this Buddha is beloved as a symbol of joy and prosperity in every aspect of life.


Certainly, display this Feng Shui product at the reception desk or near locations of business transaction to inspire cheer and success in your financial dealings or place it in the main room of the home or workplace to repel negativity and alleviate tension.

No matter where you feature this elegant statue. it will add an ambiance of a zen-like state to any space.

Most noteworthy the carving is hand-made with extremely high-quality mammoth ivory.

Furthermore, Mammoth Ivory Tusks are absolutely legal worldwide.

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Mammoth Ivory Carvings of  Confucius

Ivory Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 13 5.11
Width 4 1.57
Length 7 2.75


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