There are very few instances in art and in life when you can say something is perfect! But this massive mammoth ivory carving is truly perfect. The size and scale alone of this ship is reason enough to purchase it. But, the detail and precision make it even more worthwhile.


A Magnificent Masterpiece

It’s undeniable that this mammoth ivory carving is the definition of masterpiece. A piece like this one is carved over years as the master carver ensures every piece is perfect. And that is clearly seen in this carving.

With this piece you get a realistic representation of an Ancient Chinese war ship.

This includes figurines of soldiers/warriors aboard the ship as well as the captain leading them into battle. This vessel draws inspiration from a Sui Dynasty warship, with it’s multiple levels and engravings. And displays perfectly soldiers preparing for battle.

It is also beautifully adorned and embellished with designs like the ancient Chinese dragon that symbolize power and nobility.

And because of the size of this war vessel the carver is able to adorn and delicately carve the soldiers individually. These soldiers add interest and intrigue to the vessel and make it more of a masterpiece. Because the master carver carefully adds detail to their garments and weaponry that makes them more historically accurate. He even adds the precise designs to showcase the rank of the officials on board.

Purchase A Piece of History In This Massive Mammoth Ivory Carving

A carving like this one (that stretches more than a meter in length) is very uncommon. And made purely of mammoth ivory it is an investment opportunity you can’t miss.


Measurements Including wood stand

Centimeters Inches
Height 107 42
Width 28 11
Length 101.6 40


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