Perfectly crafted and sculpted figurine of a fruit and vegetable vendor, look at the neat details. The hanging gourds, fruits that peep from the basket and hang all around the vendor are clearly delineated in mammoth ivory. The satisfied smile on his face, the stoop due to a heavy basket, and the fall of the dress, is amazingly crafted. Look at the delicate dress; the unique patterns and the glaze of hand painted motifs are creative and elegant.

Look at the facial features, smiling face and large ear-lobes. Notice the wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes. The thickset legs, each muscle and toes completely visible on the feet while the grip of the hands on the woven basket. The hand-painted beard and hair have been colored with the same color. Look at the cap which seems to be made of cloth, with patterns that is hand-painted. Notice the two-toned color combination on the dress, while the cap complements the dress. Look at the cord that is tied around the waist, while in the other hand, he holds the cord with gourd, and leaves.

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Item Size






11.43 4.5


10.16 4


6.98 2.75


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Measurements :
Height: 4.5, Width:4 , Length: 2.75 In