See this magnificent figurine of a royal parsonage, with the top mounted curved headgear and beautifully hand-painted motifs on the robe. See the regal façade, the posture and facial features.
Look at the elegant headdress, the carved and hand-painted motifs on the band, the style of mustache and beard. Notice the tiny details on the robe that he is wearing, right from the complex patterns of checks to the floral and geometric patterns and motifs all over the border and the rest of the robe.
It takes hours of painstaking work t be able to carve and hand paint with such tiny details that are clearly visible even on a small figurine. This talks about the skills of the master artist.

The small child that the royal parsonage holds gently has been crafted with miniscule proportions.
With folded hands, the child is paying homage. While the patterns and motifs on his dress are in the same colored hues but differ in designs.
Look at the back and see a whole new perspective on intricate detailing and hand painted work. The sleeves are crafted with care and the fall of the folds is beautifully carved.     

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Item Size






28.57 11.25


8.12 3.2


6.6 2.6


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Measurements :
Height: 11.25, Width:3.2 , Length: 2.6 In