This group of squirrels in wilderness have been crafted in pure mammoth ivory by the Master Carver. Notice the absolutely stunning faces, small bodies and bushy tails that have been delineated in solid ivory, procured from the mammoth tusks that lay buried in the Arctic permafrost. Look at the actions of these furry little group of squirrels. The way they hold on to the seeds and have uplifted arms. The three little animals have been carved with tiny details that are not only accurately portrayed but are carved precisely. See the tiny paws, the symmetrical bodies and the bushy tails with etched fur, which is giving it a life-like look.

Detailed group of squirrels in wilderness

The piece of mammoth ivory has been exquisitely sculpted utilizing all of the vertical and horizontal surface, to bring to life a group of squirrels. The crevices in the ivory piece have been bejeweled with tint floral motifs and leaves, adding a sense of natural beauty to the figurine. The group of squirrels pose for eternity, inquisitive and cute. Set amidst flowers and two mushrooms, it shows how small the squirrels are.

Looking at it from the bottom, the hues of brown are visible. This means that the mammoth ivory is genuine and authentic as the Master Carver has signed at the back. Additionally, the hues are due to the mammoth ivory tusk absorbing the soil minerals for centuries. This renders it hues of brown and grey. See the rough cuts at the back, signifying rocks that give the figurine a natural and rustic look. It has been set on a rectangular table like base, giving support and elegance to the sculpture. Carved in teakwood, the base helps to balance the figurine while the deep wood complements the milky ivory sculpture of group of squirrels.

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Mammoth Ivory Carvings of Group of Squirrels Item Size


Centimeters Inches
Height 9 3.54
Width 4 1.57
Length 8 3.14

Base Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 2.5 0.98
Width 6 2.36
Length 12 4.72

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