Look at this carving of God of Longevity and boys sitting under the trees on a cliff. Check the fine detailing and exquisite workmanship. See how the God of Longevity is sitting on the ground with his back resting against the basket, in which there are more boys. Look at the screen like carving on the facade of the mammoth ivory tusk piece. Notice the climbing vines, the crooked trees and the fan like leaves on the trees. Don’t miss the grove of bamboo just above the God of Longevity. See the intricate details on the face of the God of Longevity and boys. Each smile, and facial expression of pure bliss is clearly evident. The Master Carver has managed to demarcate each aspect of the mythical scene with considerable details. Look at the folds of the robe of the God, the bow that is tied, the benevolent expression, and the happiness on the faces of the boys.

God of Longevity and boys

On the bottom of the mammoth ivory tusk piece carving of God of Longevity and boys, look at the signature of the Master Carver. Individually signed and marked, it authenticates the mammoth ivory sculpture as genuine and verified. The Schreger Lines can be easily seen which is an inherent pattern in mammoth ivory and is very different from elephant ivory. This authenticates that mammoth ivory is legal for purchase. Look at the inherent cracks at the bottom which have been polished and integrated into the carving while the brown hues that accentuate the beauty of white ivory is due to the absorption of the soil minerals present in the permafrost.

Turning it over, the raw shards and jagged edges of the mammoth ivory tusk piece can be seen with ease. Notice the layers that can be seen with ease. The hues of brown and the darker shades as they accentuate the raw ivory. It is set upon a wooden base to provide stability and support to the beautiful figurine.