Delicately crafted and hand carved sculpture in pure mammoth ivory of a rhino in its natural look. With the same rough textured skin, each muscle in place a look at the face of the rhino is amazing. Only perfected by the master artist, the rough and original looking skin replication is stunning. See the polish and finish on the fragile, pointed double-horns. It is easy to identify the inherent patterns of cross-hatch or Schreger lines, assuring that it is genuine mammoth tusk ivory, legal worldwide.

Notice the delicate naturally carved feet, toes and wrinkled skin close to the nostrils. Articulated in genuine mammoth ivory the complete sculpture delineates the poise and pose of a real rhino. The artist has studied it in detail to be able to replicate in delicate yet solid ivory. There are no discolorations or pigmentations seen on the pure, high quality milky white ivory. Set upon a superior quality teakwood base, don’t miss the fragile and tiny curls and curved design below the rectangular base.

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Item Size 





23.5 9.25


37 14.57


11  4.33


Base size

Centimeters Inches
Height 7 2.76
Width 38 14.96
Length 11.5  4.53

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Measurements :
Height: 38, Width:29 , Length: 11.5 CM