Look at this exquisitely carved set of mammoth ivory 18 Louhan Monks that signify the Four Stages of enlightenment which was attained by the 18 saints in Buddhism. As per the Oriental legends, they await the birth of a new reincarnation of Buddha to lead to spirituality. Notice the intricate details on each of the 18 monks. The tiny facial expressions, details on the robes and the different postures are cleverly captured by the Master sculptor.

Some have breads while some of them are clean-shaved. Look at the bald head, a sign of an ascetic, expertly hand polished and finished by the Master Carver. Notice the sitting position, the hand gestures and fine detailing on each figurine. See the figurine of the monk in the center, how he holds the edges of the robe in both the hands. Look at the rotund figure and multicolored apparel. One of the monks on the right is lying down with his head propped on one hand. He holds a large leaf fan in his hand.

The one on the top is a monk that has a large fish on his side. Expertly crafted, the fish and the monk are detailed and each line is delineated with comparative ease which showcases the skill of the sculptor.

Not only are each figure detailed in the front but it is completely carved from all sides. The patterns on the back differ for each sculpture. Though they are small in size yet the clarity and hand painting has been done minutely. Using vibrant colors of red, green and yellow, it has made the robes and apparel of the monks stand in the limelight. Notice all 18 Louhan monks are in action, some are holing things while others are sitting in different positions.

Set upon a custom made teakwood stand, each monk is placed separately adding sturdy elegance to the complete sculpture.

Mammoth ivory Carving Figurines are absolutely legal worldwide.  You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

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Measurements :
Each Monk is  Height 5 cm,/ 1.96 In