Amazingly intricate and visually appealing mammoth ivory sculpture of an old fisherman with a small child is interesting.
Look at the fine detailing on his apparel and the woven basket over which he has kept his foot. Notice the tiny fishes in his basket that he is holding with his right hand.
The hand crafted figurine of the old man exemplified the intricate artistic hand work that can be done on genuine mammoth tusk ivory.

See the beautiful motifs and geometrical patterns that accentuate the beauty of his garments.
While the chess-board checks pattern dominates the pants. The flurry of fishes at the base of the sculpture seems perfectly nice as it enhances the total theme of the fisherman’s sculpture.
The unique hat is more like a sun-shade as it does not cover the head while his elaborate hairstyle can be seen. He is holding four large fishes on his back that are put on a cord and the long cord can be seen in the front.
While there are numerous other fishes hanging by hooks outside the woven basket. The tiny waves and fishes intersperse the edge of the statue. At the bottom, the master sculptor has carved the signature while the criss-cross pattern of genuine ivory is visible. It is an inherent pattern of mammoth tusk ivory and varies from elephant ivory.

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Item Size






22 8.66


11 4.33


9 3.54



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Measurements :
Height: 22, Width:11 , Length: 9 CM