Frogs on lotus is a unique theme of sculptures of mammoth ivory tusks pieces. Notice the delicately yet intricately carved mammoth ivory frogs on lotus leaves. The top two frogs seem to be looking around. The frog that is slightly below the leaf seems to be carved in action, with one leg and webbed feet trying to climb on the large leave where another frog is sitting. Notice the clearly textured skin, just like a real frog has, the webbing on the feet, the fold of the legs and the outstretched forelegs as they climb around the lotus stem and leaves.

Detailed sculpture of Frogs on lotus

The Master Carver has captured the essence of the scene while considering the size of the mammoth ivory piece.  See the veins on the folded lotus leaves, the curve and the textured surface of the stem. Looking at the frog below, it is clinging on to the stem see the delicately carved eyes, the holes on the sides for breathing and even the different positions of the legs. Even at the bottom of the sculpture the Master Carver has carved lotus leaves. The inherent tiny cracks have been incorporated within the sculpture, lending a beautiful amalgamation of the design.

Notice the tiny waves, lapping at the swampy shores, where the frogs on lotus nestle and thrive. At the top of the mammoth ivory sculpture there is a completely blooming lotus with the seed pod, completely hand crafted in detail. Even the fine lines on the lotus leaves have been copied elegantly from Nature. The view from the top gives insight into the delicate workmanship and how the fragile ivory has been carved into the amazing sculpture. Set upon a handsomely carved teakwood base, the hand carvings and etchings on wood complement the milky white ivory sculpture.

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 Mammoth Ivory Carvings of Frogs on Lotus Item Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 14 7.48
Width 7.5 1.96
Length 9 3.93

Base Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 4 1.57
Width 13 5.11
Length 14.5 5.70

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