This mammoth ivory sculpture of five monkeys on rocks has been carved in detail by the Master Carver.  Look at the furry and active group of monkeys carved in various positions. The bigger sized monkey on the top of the rocks seems to be comforting the smaller monkey that has its left hand on the older monkey’s knee. See how carefully each monkey has been carved. Notice the tiny teeth, open mouth, beady black eyes and perked up ears. The older and large sized monkey holds a fruit in its hand. The most exquisite part of the process is how the Master Carver has managed to etch the fur on the monkeys’ body.

Five Monkeys on Rocks

Each intricate detail is clear including the long fingers and toes, and don’t miss the nails at the end of those.  The smaller monkey is seeking the attention and comfort as it stands on the edge on all fours. Notice the existence of the fauna between the cracks in the cliff and how the Master Carver has managed to cut and polish the piece of mammoth ivory into an exquisite piece of art with five monkeys on rocks.

One of the monkeys is trying to climb up and is carved on a rock. Notice the difference in the color of the body and tail of this monkey. The brown hues are due to the organic mammoth ivory absorbing the minerals in the soil of the permafrost as it was buried for centuries. It authenticates the mammoth ivory as original and pure.  See how the paws bend, the curve of the knees and the uplifted head.  While the two monkeys at the bottom are of different sizes. Look at the bigger sized monkey eating something while the small sized one has one hand over its shoulder. Look how comfortably the five monkeys on rocks are sitting. The complete sculpture is set on a carved wooden stand.