A fisherman carved in pure mammoth ivory not just looks expertly crafted but gives a glimpse into the world of traditional fishermen. See the number of fish that the fisherman has been able to catch. There are quite a few fishes in the rattan rectangular basket, by his feet and you can even see an octopus near the other fish. To symbolize the proximity to the sea shore, the Master Carver has managed to place the figurine of the fisherman on a stone while the waves are lapping around it. Don’t miss the frothy and curling waves. There are some fish peeping from beneath the waves.

Happy fisherman

See the beady black eyes of the octopus, the details on each fish laying on the wooden base. Look at the other octopus at the top of the basket that the fisherman carries on his shoulders. Notice the pattern of the bamboo that has been etched to make it look natural.

The fisherman has a large cylindrical woven drum that seems to hold three fish. The ropes with the baits are still in the mouth of the two fish which he holds in his hands. Look a t the fine detailing by the Master Carver as even the nails on his fingers and toes can be seen with ease. See the fine etchings of the toes and even the muscles of the leg are clearly visible. The fine delineated lines, clear etchings and a well-themed natural composition has been a hallmark of the Master Carver. He looks happy with the day’s catch. While the fisherman wears the traditional robes, it ends around his knees and the bare legs are visible.

The complete mammoth ivory sculpture is set upon a carved wooden base that adds to the charm of the intriguingly happy fisherman.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Size of Legal Mammoth Ivory netsuke:

Centimeters      Inches      Height
19                          7.5

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