Beautiful Carvings of Crane And Deer in Mammoth Ivory

You can buy this wonderful, yet exquisite work of Crane and Deer on a wooden plank carefully sculpted with original mammoth ivory.

Take a look at the deer standing at the bottom of the Rock and crane sitting on the top of the rock intricately sculpted by a Master Carver.

Finally look at the detailing done on the tree, leaves, and flowers. Notice how  Master Carver managed to carve even the tiniest features in their environment.

Intricately Designed Structure is a Perfect Addition To Your Meditation Area Or Just A Decorative Piece To Your Garden, Patio, Backyard, Or Lawn.


The sculpture of crane and deer in their comfort zone has actually carved in intricate details.

In some of the ancient culture, cranes and deer epitomize endless youth and satisfaction. Allow these emotions to glorify your home when you add these appealing statues to your alfresco accumulation.

Crane’s feng shui positioning can also play an important role in the prolongation of the family. Placing the Crane’s statue in the south is looked upon as the most prosperous position on the whole, west-facing cranes represent good karma for the descendants of the family.

Furthermore, these statues exemplify the paterfamilias and materfamilias’s role in family endurance and persistent adoration. Eventually, the crane assists as a source of stimulation in your home. This statue in accordance with feng shui itself will bring eternal quest, joy, good karma and peacefulness to your home and office.

Deer in Feng Shui represents wealth and fortune. It symbolizes long and flourishing life so it is recommended to use this deer figurine in the East corner of your home.

This Crane and Deer statue will bring superiority to your home exterior. They are stylish and fashionable with respect to today’s lifestyle.

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Ivory Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 9.5 3.74
Width 6 2.36
Length 16 6.29

Base Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 12 4.72
Width 8 3.14
Length 3 1.18