The monkey and elephant have been carved on a piece of the mammoth ivory tusk. Look at the raw and original exterior of the mammoth ivory tusk as it has left in its raw form while the piece of ivory has been carved from the outside to the inside.

Carved from one single piece of the tusk, the Master Carver has managed to showcase the beauty of two animals, monkey and elephant’s friendship or co-dependence or maybe just a scene from the wild. See how the elephant is trying to climb up while the monkey is sitting on its back and faces the other side. The delicate etchings and carving in solid mammoth ivory is amazing and well-defined. Notice the wrinkled skin on the elephant’s face. The dropping ears and the tusks.

Detailing on the monkey and elephant

One of the tusks is shown half-broken and the other one is complete. This shows an aging elephant while the active and alert monkey is looking to jump on the next available thing. See how the vegetation around the rocks has been carved so delicately.  The blades of grass carved out of the crevice in the rocks looks life-like and real. See the bumpy and wrinkly skin on the elephant’s trunk as it turns towards the left. The open mouth with a glimpse of the tongue, the sagging skin under the eyes and around the tusks has been carved with such detail that it is difficult to believe that it is mammoth ivory.

Looking at the sculpture from the top. It will give a glimpse of the detailing on the monkey and the elephant’s back. See the way the fur has been etched on the monkey, with even the tuffs of hair clearly apparent. See the small branch that it holds in its forearm. The complete sculpture is set on a solid wooden base adding to the beauty of the sculpture.

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 Mammoth Ivory Carvings of —Item Size


Centimeters Inches
Height 11 4.33
Width 6 2.36
Length 7 2.75

Base Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 10 3.93
Width 4 1.57
Length 10 3.93

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