This beautiful horse figurine is carved from a piece of solid mammoth ivory. The piece of ivory is hollow and only the front has been carved. Look at the beautiful brown hues of the ivory that brings out the three dimensional effect of the horse better.  Notice the flowing mane where each hair strand is clearly demarcated and etched into organic mammoth ivory.

Look at the amazing horse carved on the thick shell of the tusk. In the background, each layer is hewn softly, showing the rocky background and the thickness of the tusk shell. Notice the rippling muscles, clearly chiseled face hoofs, legs and the small monkey on the back. Even the fur on the monkey is clearly etched, while look at the curve of the tail or the eyes and paws of the monkey.  Look at the horse’s tail, the twist of the tail hair and the action of the horse has been aptly captured by the Master Carver.

The Schreger lines can be seen easily in the background and on the horse’s body. Look at the action of the horse, it looks ready to spring. The quick action, symmetrically precise sculpture and the tiny monkey on the back is amazingly crafted. Notice the flora around the horse. The broad leaves and the flowers are exquisitely carved with each curve clearly bespoke. It enhances the background of the horse and the monkey. Notice the way the monkey s clinging to the back of the running horse.

The thickness of the mammoth ivory tusk can be seen with ease. Though it is not a complete piece of full tusk, the few layers have been carved with precision by the Master Carver. See the sign of artist on the back. This authenticates that it is hand carved by an expert artist.


Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide.

You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

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