This piece of mammoth ivory has been expertly carved by the Master Carver. Although the raw ivory looks slightly delicate, it has been carved and etched with precision. Look at the fine detailing of the cranes. Each crane has been carved separately and exemplifies a different posture. The care at the base is trying to pluck a fish from the gurgling waves and don’t miss seeing the large fish, half out of water. The frothy waves of the sea have been sculpted very minutely, with each curl of the waves clearly detailed. See the wings and feathers on the crane’s body. The lotus leaf, webbed feet and the tiny eyes are clearly visible. Notice the rocks and the flora around them where the other cranes rest. The beautiful plumes feathers, the tiny beaks and hand painted eye of the cranes are worth admiring. The artist has been able to capture nature at its best.

The most exquisite aspect of the mammoth ivory sculpture is the painstaking detailing and fine etching on the solid mammoth ivory. Notice the hues of brown staining the milky white ivory. This is due to the pigmentation of the soil minerals that seeped into the organic ivory over centuries. However, the beautiful patina of the mammoth ivory authenticates its genuineness. See the tiny leaves that are interwoven through sculpture, enhancing the beauty of the ivory carving. The heart shaped leaves on the top of the sculpture along with a ball on the plate adds to the creativity of the artist.

Set upon a custom carved wooden base, the tapering ivory sculpture is stable on it. It has been carved with equal panache and adds to the charm of the ivory sculpture.


Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide.

You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

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