The epitome of love and selflessness are on display in this mammoth ivory tusk. Which is a beautiful scene that is perfectly depicted in this 21.6 centimeter (8.5 inch) masterpiece. That’s also been made according to museum quality and standards.

Truly Magnificent Mammoth Ivory Tusk

This is a unique, and ultimately unparalleled scene. Because, in this scene the prestigious carver chooses to combine all three major elements common in many mammoth carvings into one.

Firstly, he creates a show of affection and love through the women and their children. He then continues that same narrative by carving the love between the children and their pets. And finally he ends it off by displaying the absolute magnificence of the natural surroundings. Doing all of this in a pure ivory color.

However, what’s most profound is how the finest of details are perfect.

In addition to how the master carver brilliantly manipulates the ivory tusk to create an intricate scene he also allows the ivory to dominate. Because he truly uses age old techniques to create a scene that lends itself to the shape and color of the ivory. He especially captures this in the way he carves the garments of the women and their children. And in doing so makes the scene come alive. But, this can also be attributed to how – through the way he carves the younger children – he gives the scene an element of playfulness and whimsy.

But, it’s in fact how all these aspects join as one that make this mammoth ivory tusk a true masterpiece.

Overall, the master carver makes this mammoth ivory tusk carving the definition of absolute mastery!

Ivory Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 21.6 8.5

Base Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 3.81 1.5
Width 7.62 3
Length 17.8 7

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