This is an outstanding Mammoth Ivory Carvings of Pair Foo Dogs or  at their other name The Temple Guardians.
The carving of those two Foo Dogs is just unbelievable & we can see how the Master Carver succeeded to show his skills on those two Foo Dogs Ivory Figurines.

Look for detailed pictures for each Lion:

The Male Temple Lion(Pearl Ball)

The Female Temple Lion

The Foo Dogs which is believed to have powerful mythic protective powers that has traditionally stood in front of Chinese Imperial palaces, temples, emperors’ tombs, government offices, and the homes of government officials and the wealthy from the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD), until the end of the empire in 1911.

The lions are always presented in pairs, with the male on the left and the female on the right. The male lion has his right paw on a ball, which represents the “Flower Of Life” The female is essentially identical, but has a single cub under her left paw, representing the cycle of life. Symbolically, the female fu lion protects those dwelling inside, while the male guards the structure. Sometimes the female has her mouth closed, and the male open. This symbolizes the enunciation of the sacred word “om”. However, Japanese adaptions state that the male is inhaling, representing life, while the female exhales, representing death.

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Stand Height 4.5 cm, Width -5.5 cm,Length:1.8 cm

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Measurements :
Height: 6, Width:2.5 , Length: 3.5 Cm