A beautifully handcrafted, MAMMOTH IVORY CARVING of the master sitting on a sedan chair, while two men carry him over a bridge. Breathtakingly beautiful with bold, defined strokes, capturing the expression of the master in traditional clothes is sitting in the traditional wooden chair, with MAMMOTH IVORY frogs, sculpted as if joining the journey. Look at the clear defined carving of all the figures as they seem to lure you to join the journey too! This attractive MAMMOTH IVORY CARVING comes with a handcrafted wooden bridge in solid wood and Master Carver’s signature. An exceptional piece of art, just right for your collection or maybe gift it to the special someone in your life. Crafted with genuine high quality Mammoth ivory and wood and signed by the artist.
Measurements :
Height: 12.5, Width:7 , Length: 5 INCH