Undoubtedly this piece is a fine depiction of true artistry. The natural elements of the mammoth ivory brought to life in the most intricate carvings is what makes this mammoth ivory tusk stand out.

This tusk has been hand crafted, hand painted and stained by a specialist and accomplished master carver. Meaning every aspect of this tusk is perfect! A chance to own 61 inch (155cm) mammoth ivory tusk has never come in a more beautiful package.

Mammoth Ivory Tusk With Greater Meaning

Not only is this mammoth ivory tusk a stand out piece because of its intricate and accurate carvings, but the meaning and depth behind the piece is also what makes it truly exquisite. This mammoth ivory tusk in particular is a carving of the monks of Louhan. Which represents the highest stage of enlightenment in Buddhism. Therefore, this carving in particular can have great meaning and depth for those who are interested in Eastern religious practices.

Well Crafted Mammoth Ivory Masterpiece

Besides the deeper meaning in the mammoth ivory carving, the artist has gone to great lengths to create something exceptional. A piece that is intriguing and captures your attention immediately.

This hand-crafted piece is the work of a master carver who has chosen to utilize the natural shape and size of the tusk to tell an intricate and delicate story. From the detail in the monks faces to their attire – everything is perfect. Not only that, but the master carver has gone through great lengths to make these figurines realistic and authentic.

A piece like this mammoth ivory tusk is rare which means purchasing this masterpiece is a true investment. Something you will only enjoy and treasure owning!

Ivory Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 115 45
Width 155 61

Base Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 71 28
Width 20 8
Length 61 24


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