Intricately crafted beauties with Phoenix have been carved in pure mammoth ivory. Look at the extremely delicate curves that have been sculpted so intricately. The clean lines, exquisite details and fine etching makes this a masterpiece. Look at the beauties sitting on the phoenix. See the flowing robes and dresses, don’t miss the curves, fall of the garments and the tendrils behind the beauties.  The flowing scarves has each fold clearly demarcated. The Master Carver has managed to carve even the tiny feathers on the wings of the Phoenix. See the delicate flute being played by one of the female figurines. Notice the flowing garments as if there is a wind blowing through the grove.

Beauties with Phoenix

Don’t miss the fern like leaves, with intricate details on it. While another tree with fan-like leaves are set in the background. The amalgamation of the varied vegetation and the mythical bird adds to the charm of the mammoth ivory sculpture of beauties with Phoenix.

At the bottom of the sculpture, the coniferous leaves can be seen against as the phoenix, but look at the fine detailing on the figurine. The Master Carver’s creativity and skill is showcased through this exemplary work of art. See how the beautiful piece of mammoth ivory has been utilized to carve beauties with Phoenix. Look at the clouds, the trees, the fine detailing on the body of the beauties, while facial features are exquisitely carved. There are shades of brown that intersperse throughout the figurine. This is due to the white organic ivory absorbing the minerals in the frozen soil as it lay buried for centuries. However, it is an indication that the figurine is authenticated as genuine.

The complete mammoth ivory sculpture of beautiful with Phoenix has been set upon a custom hand sculpted wooden stand. It not just lends stability but accentuates the beauty of the ivory .

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