Look at this pair of angry birds that has been carved in pure and legal mammoth ivory. Notice the sulky and angry expression of the birds with upturn beaks and frowning foreheads. The complete look gives them a formidable expression. With a round body and round faces these birds have been carved differently from the traditional oriental technique of carving ivory. See the big claws and the rough textured skin while the wings have been given an appearance of feathers. Though each feather cannot be seen clearly, to authenticate and verify, the mammoth ivory tusk pieces the Master Carver has signed each bird independently.

Delicately carved angry birds

With black beady eyes and a frowning expression the Master Carver has been able to give a lifeless ivory, a strong character and infinite expressions of anger that are vividly portrayed on seemingly harmless birds. They are not set within the wooden stand and can be moved around as per requirement.

One of the birds is slightly larger and an indentation on the wings is complete while on the other bird only the edges of the wings have the etchings and highlights with brown. The angry bird showcases the inherent Schreger line that is an authentication that it is pure mammoth ivory and not elephant ivory. The amazing polish and the finish can be easily seen on the glistening milky white angry birds with sour expressions. The round shaped birds look dainty and different as mammoth ivory keepsakes.

Both of them are set on a small wooden base with customized leaves carved into it symbolizing its natural surroundings. The grains of the wood and the rough edges of the stand have been polished perfectly to bring out the natural beauty of teakwood.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

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