This amazingly detailed sculpture of the dragon and a boy has been crafted by Master Carver. It exemplifies the beauty of the mythical Dragon, a prominent animal figure in Oriental culture. Notice the skill with which the artist has managed to sculpt the body of the dragon among the sea waves. See how the skill of the sculptor to carve delicate yet solid mammoth ivory with such precision and accuracy. Each wave can be identified with ease, as it has been hand painted in detail. Notice the white edges on the wave curling around the dragon’s body.

Notice the scales on the dragon’s body and each of them is clearly demarcated and etched such that the red edges are visible. Look at the long twisted neck of the dragon’s body and the large, ferocious face that is bellowing steam and fire. The teeth and face of the dragon is slightly highlighted around its mane, yet the other parts are in natural ivory color. However, the bellowing smoke and fire shoots out with great ferocity and that is why it has been painted in darker shades. Look at the bursts of smoke and how the artist has portrayed it in pure ivory.

The boy is seen holding on to the dragon’s body and looks to have jumped on. The artists captured the imaginative scene and the action is amazingly crafted. See the finger on each hand, the elaborate hairstyle and the multiple folds on his robes as they fall over his shoulders due to the gravitational pull. The whole sculpture is set on a carved wooden base that not only exemplifies its beauty but provides a classy look and stability to the pure mammoth ivory sculpture.

Mammoth ivory figurines are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Measurements :
Height: 16 Cm/6.29 Inch, Width: 7 Cm/2.75 Inch, Length: 3 Cm/1.18 Inch