This beautiful Oriental themed, mammoth ivory carving of Lord Shiva with a flower, accentuated the amalgamation of Asian religions. Considered to be a Hindu God, the Master Carver has portrayed the deity as an Oriental figurine.  Look at the delicate stature and the flow of the robes of the deity. The artist has carved with expert precision and excellent sense of craftsmanship, look at the pod of lotus that he holds on his hand, signifying patience and purity.  Notice the details on the robes, the jewelry that he wears around his neck and the coiffured hair. The robe extends to his head and can be seen in folds around the hair. Don’t miss the bamboo shoots that grow around in the background. The supple stem of the bamboo is crafted well such that the divisions are clearly visible while each leaf has been painstakingly carved.

The hand painted traditional motifs is black with accents of rust and brown, leaving the genuine mammoth ivory decorated. Notice the design on the robe that enhances the beauty of the figurine. Though Lord Shiva is usually depicted as a dominant personality in the pantheon of deities in Hinduism, he has been portrayed as a calm and composed figure. See how he holds the lotus stem and the delicately fingers wrapped around it. Carved in the typical Buddhist pose, with the left hand in a mudra, the red dot on his forehead symbolizes divinity and spiritual aura. See the tiny foot peeping from beneath the robe, while he stands on the mammoth ivory platform. Look at the curling waves and the curving froth that surrounds the figurine. Set upon a wooden base, the beautiful figurine is set stable and highlights the natural beauty of ivory.

Mammoth ivory figurines are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Measurements :
Height: 20.5 Cm/8.07 Inch, Width: 8 Cm/3.14 Inch,  Length: 4 Cm/1.57 Inch