One of the Indian Gods, Lord Shiva has been aesthetically depicted and adapted in this Oriental sculpture of pure mammoth ivory. Notice the bamboo grove behind him. See the delicate leaves that seem to be fluttering in the wind. Don’t miss seeing the mountains and the etched halo behind his head. His hair is considered to be the source of the holy River Ganges, and that has been aptly depicted in the sculpture. See the hand painted black hair, the red vermilion dot on his forehead, which is a mark of the Hindu traditions. Snakes around him are part of the tradition and the Master artist has been able to carve a couple of those in the surroundings with considerable skill. Each scale on the body of the snake is demarcated and delineated with painstaking detail.

Notice the oriental robes and the object that he holds in his hand. There is a little boy with outstretched hands, seeking to be lifted by the God Shiva. Notice the front hair pattern, the tiny hands and legs. Don’t miss the dragon by the feet of the God, looking up to him while the dragon’s body is twisted around the tree against which the God Shiva is standing. The ferocious expression of the dragon, huge teeth and flaying nostrils have been etched and sculpted in detail. The hand painting can be seen in the tiny coloring of the eyes, mouth and scales on the body of the dragon. Excellent carving, detailed handiwork and beautiful painting on solid ivory have accentuated the beauty of the piece of tusk.

The figurine comes with a beautifully carved teak wood base, which has been custom created for this specific sculpture. Notice the sheen and finish of the base that complements the beauty of the mammoth ivory sculpture.

Mammoth ivory figurines are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Measurements :
Height: 20.5 Cm/8.07 Inch, Width:8 Cm/3.14 Inch, Length: 4 Cm/1.57 Inch