This beautiful piece of mammoth ivory tusk is just a small part of the huge tusks, but the Master Carver has been able to use every inch of the surface to sculpt and etch a beautiful scene from everyday life. Look at the simmering pot of tea that is delicately held by one of the boys. Notice the steam as it bellows over the pot and the curls of the smoke have been craved delicately, yet accurately. Look At the other boy standing around the steaming pot, holding something in his hands, while he carries a large flower with a huge stem on his shoulders. The buds are opened and the large fleshy petals can be seen with ease. It has been carefully hand painted in rust and red while the dotted stem is held by the boy. Notice the tuff of his hair and the flowing Oriental robes.

Look at the delicate etching on the hollow piece of mammoth ivory. Check the delicately etched tiny hand-painted facial features, motifs on the robes and the curve of the body. See how the boy who is sitting leans over the steaming pot. Don’t miss the waves that have the etched lines and froth of the sea. It has been etched carefully to exemplify the strength and beauty of the sea. Look at the beautiful motifs on the apparel of both the boys. Set upon a beautiful custom crafted wooden base, the carving is elegant and is set upon the base for stability.

The pure mammoth ivory shows slight discolorations due to its being buried under the mineral rich soil and permafrost in the Tundra region. As pure mammoth ivory is organic, the minerals seep into the ivory lending a variety of hues to the ivory.

Mammoth ivory figurines are absolutely legal worldwide.

You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Measurements :
Height: 16 Cm/6.29 Inch, Width: 8 Cm/3.14 Inch, Length: 2.5 Cm/0.98 Inch