Look at this beautiful Doctor Lady carved with pure mammoth ivory. Though these had functional use in the ancient Orient, today they are collectors’ pride. Look at the beautiful nude woman lying on the exquisitely carved bed. Hiding her intimate parts with grace, her hand has been crafted with all details. Notice the delicate fingers, the bend of the elbow and the curved bosom. There are minute cracks that run along the shoulders and the torso while some are seen on the right leg. These are innate to the antique ivory tusk. The Master Carver has carved the beautiful mammoth ivory, Doctor’s Lady with considerable patience as carving the delicate and fragile mammoth ivory isn’t easy.

Apart from the curves of the body, the finish and detailing on the sculpture is par excellence. Notice the finely crafted jewelry worn by the woman, as she lies on the bed with panache.  There is a large crack that can be seen from the elbow on the hand over which her hand rests to the leg. This is part of the natural ivory that was excavated from the deep permafrost of the Arctic. This is a further proof that the ivory is genuine and has been hand crafted with care. With tiny shoes on her feet to the half-closed eyes and smile on her face, the Doctor’s Lady served her part well.

Notice the bed on which she lays. Carved from teak wood, the bed has lattice work all over except for the frame. See the hand crafted bedstead with a roll up handle on one end and the headboard at the back. Notice the fine detailing in the bed and the latticed workmanship around the bed frame. Each aspect has been clearly demarcated.

Mammoth ivory figurines are absolutely legal worldwide.  You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Measurements :
Height: 5, Width:4, Length: 23 Cm