An excellent carving of fairies on a piece of mammoth ivory has been beautifully encapsulated by the Master Carver. Look at the intricate design and details that have been etched into solid mammoth ivory. Notice the sheen and luster of pure ivory which has been expertly carved by the artist. Notice the large bird on the top where each feather and plume can be seen with ease. Even the claws have been portrayed properly while the beak rests close to the head of the fairy, on the top.

Look at the angelic expressions on the face of the figurines that have been etched on the pure mammoth ivory.  One of the fairies is playing a musical instrument and even the mandolin shaped instrument has been carved with intrinsic details. Look at the wires and the intricate paisley patterns in reddish brown signifying the inlay over the ivory. Completely carved as one piece of sculpture, the beautiful piece of mammoth ivory tusk showcases details on each part of the sculpture. Notice the stroke with open wings sitting below at the base of the sculpture while the hand painted details of the fairy’s robe is clearly visible. Notice the tiny geometric patterns interspersed with floral motifs, giving the robe a rich intrinsic look.

On turning it over, it can be seen that the back of the sculpture has not been left raw but equal care has been given to the frail ivory tusk. Though the cracks are inherent of the old ivory, the Master Artist has managed to interweave the cracks within the designs. Set upon a wooden base that complements the rest of the sculpture design, it adds stability and gives the sculpture a unique look.

Mammoth ivory figurines are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Measurements :
Height: 25 Cm/9.84 Inch, Width: 6 Cm/2.36 Inch, Length: 5 Cm/1.96 Inch