This is a magnificent mammoth ivory carving of a Japanese Geisha, playing a musical instrument. Look at how carefully the whole sitting figure of the Geisha has been carved by the Master Artist, The rough edged piece of mammoth ivory tusk has been utilized to its full capacity. It seems as if she is sitting against the tree trunk and the vine of flowers interweave through the tree trunk, just behind her. The delicate flower petals are clearly visible and were hand painted red by the Master artist.

Notice the beautiful face with calm and composed facial expressions. The delicate dress has tiny detailing that is amazingly carved in detail. The delineated lines accentuate the details on the figurine, especially the curves of her hands and knee, and it is clearly seen that the fingers on one hand hold the instrument. While the huge pink colored lotus is held in her other hand. The dotted stem that has been colored green is easily demarcated with the attention to detail. Another bud can be seen above the flowering lotus.

Painstakingly carved in minute details don’t miss the beautiful yet tiny hand painted patterns in brown and green of the floral motifs on her robes. With a deep cleavage, the robes fold and flow together, as she is seen sitting down against the tree trunk in a pensive mood. See the round pattern that caps her knee. See the tiny yet perfectly etched circle, symmetric lines and arches. The folds of the robes are such that her left foot is seen. The artist has managed to give the figurine a life-like appearance. Set upon a custom carved versatile yet strong supporting wooden base, it adds chic to the milky white mammoth ivory figurine.  Notice the fine polish and finesse of the sculpture and the base.

Mammoth ivory figurines are absolutely legal worldwide.  You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Measurements :
Height: 17 Cm/6.69 Inch , Width: 7 Cm/2.75 Inch, Length: 4 Cm/1.57 Inch