This antique mammoth ivory sculpture of Buddha has been carved to perfection. Look at the peace radiating from his face, the semi-closed eyes, traditional hair style with a cloth over his head. Notice the bottle that he holds in his right hand, as if sprinkling water on the fish and the flower. Look at the necklaces around his neck, the etchings of the clothes he is wearing below the robe. See how the folds of the robe around his chest. The skill and expertise of the artist can be seen in the careful delineation of the whole sculpture. The standing position of the Buddha while leaning to one-side has been crafted from a single piece of the mammoth ivory tusk.

Check the natural crack that runs through the front of the statue. That shows that it is pure and genuine mammoth ivory. Natural color discoloration can be seen in the carving behind the Buddha’s head. This is because antique mammoth ivory tusks lay buried in mineral rich soil and ice for centuries. The organic and porous ivory absorbed all of the minerals, giving it various highlights and color hues. Notice the brown shades that accentuate the beauty of the milky white ivory. He holds a sprig of tree in his left hand.

Notice the delicate fanning out of the leaves, held by his hand and on the wrist is a bracelet. Look at the feet, where each toe is clearly carved. The fall of the different layers of the dress can be seen with ease. Buddha is standing on a lotus while the fish and the budding lotus hang by his side. The complete statue is set upon a base of teak wood that lends it beauty and stability. Notice the elegant carving and how it complements the statue of Buddha.

Mammoth ivory figurines are absolutely legal worldwide.  You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Measurements :
Height: 19 Cm/7.48 Inch , Width: 5 Cm/1.96 Inch, Length: 3 Cm/1.18 Inch