Amazing Hand Carved mammoth Ivory figurine of the twelve Chinese Zodiac Animals. while the dragon is above all the other Animals
This is 3D carving & you can actually see how the master carver drilled into this Mammoth Ivory Tusk In order to get the best result for each animal.
All the 12 zodiac animals are hand carved perfectly on the Mammoth Ivory Figurine  – While The master carver emphasis the dragon above all other animals : Rat, Ox, Rabbit , Tiger , Snake , Horse , Sheep , Monkey , Rooster , The Dragon is located in the center of the piece while all the other animals are inlayed around him on an antique wooden base

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This hand carved Mammoth Ivory figurine is Hand carved by Master Carver to perfection.

This Mammoth ivory tusk Carving is made of 100% genuine Mammoth Ivory Tusk. The extinct woolly Mammoth roamed the earth before 10,000-40,000 years ago. Today we can found Mammoth ivory tusk in the arctic regions like Siberia in Russia.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide.

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Measurements :
Height: 32, Width:20 , Length: 19 Cm