This Silver Judaica Kiddush cup and saucer is an amazing piece of art, handcrafted by Ben Zion, an expert in hammering out designs on genuine Silver Judaica. The cup has tiny figures of rabbi on the sides, while intricate carvings have been done on the handles. With a broad stem and stable base, the cup looks magnificent. The center of the cup has sacred sayings in Hebrew, giving the right effect for Kiddush. The six side base is intricately carved with hammering out designs which look wonderful with the tiny beaded edge. The legs holding up the cup give it a very unique look. Gilt coated inside so that your sacred wine does not have a metallic after taste. The plate on which the cup stands is solid Silver Judaica with a beautiful edging of Judaic symbols. The whole set looks exquisite and valuable, add it to your collection!
Measurements :
Height: 13.5, Width:7 , Length: 0 Cm