This Silver Judaica Kiddush Cup – Making Wine, made by an Israeli artist, is an extraordinary piece of refined craftsmanship. The cup is made by mixing 999 Sterling Silver Judaica. You can see the exquisite patterns embossed on the outer surface of the cup. The patterns depicted are hammered from the other side of the Silver Judaica sheet. The pattern shows a band of people making the wine in the traditional way. The way the human figures have been embossed on the cup is simply astonishing. The circular base of the cup, with its superbly grapes designs, is amazing.
This magnificent Silver Judaica Kiddush cup has a gilt coating so that your wine tastes perfect! No metallic taste, no aftertaste, just pure wine, served in classical Kiddush cup, with ornate designs!
made from sterling Silver Judaica999
Measurements :
Height: 10.5, Width:6.5 , Length: 0 cm