Look at this fabulous small sized Silver Judaica Kiddush Cup, crafted by a Russian maestro. The cup is made from an alloy of Russian Silver Judaica and copper. Copper is added to impart toughness to the otherwise malleable Silver Judaica. You can gauge the artistic excellence of the craftsman by the embossed figurines that have been hammered out of the alloy. The design shows men, women and children moving out of Egypt along with their cattle and belongings. The exquisitely embossed figurines and arched gateways are a testimony to the artistic excellence of the master craftsman. The design bordering the upper and lower ends of the cup, are stunning. You can see that the cup comes with the signature of the maestro.
made from sterling
Silver Judaica 925
Measurements :
Height: 7.5, Width:6 , Length: 0 Cm