This amazing medium sized Silver Judaica Kiddush Cup, is the handy work of a Russianartist. Sterling Silver Judaica , which is an alloy of Russian Silver Judaica and copper, is used to make the cup. Look at the detailed exquisite intricate patterns hammered out on the surface of the cup. The pattern reflects a group of people moving out from Egypt with their belongings. The embossed figures of men, mostly bearded, are a treat to one’s eyes and reflect the highest degree of expertise achieved by the master craftsman. You can see the signature of the master artisan at the base of the Silver Judaica Kiddush Cup. Pamper yourself, by possessing this fabulous piece of art or gift it to someone you treasure in life!
made from sterling Silver Judaica 925

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Measurements :
Height: 4, Width:0 , Length: 2.8 INCH