This beautiful Silver Judaica box with bunches of roses looks so beautiful. Hand crafted by a Russian artist, who is specially trained in a very specialized art of hammering Silver Judaica designs and motifs. This beautiful box has been made from genuine pure sterling Silver Judaica 925 by hand! Individually hand carved rose have been designed so well that it lends the whole box a very feminine look. Each petal and leaf is clearly hammered with such precision and detail. The magnificent floral patterned looks exquisite with tendrils and leaves forming tiny bouquets. Just look at the knob on the box- a pretty bud about to blossom. Solid Silver Judaica with delicate floral handcrafted design – ideal for your dresser or maybe the perfect gift on the wedding or engagements!
Measurements :
Height: 8, Width:9 , Length: 9 INCH