Beautiful depiction of the art is a surreal form. Clear defined lines and color with perfect representation of the objects of Judaica. The famous artist, Alex Grinshpun was born in Moldova on April 11, 1949. He graduated in 1968 and the years 1979-1982 were spent working as the theater artist of Soktobaker city. Later, his first exhibition was held in this city. From 1984 and just before he immigrate to Israel in 1991,he participate in a few shared exhibition in Kishineve, Odessa, Tirspool and Badry. In 1997, 1995, 1994 he participated in Chagall house exhibition in Haifa. His biggest and important exhibition was in June 2003, in Rison Lesion Art center. He got the right exposure here and was invited to exhibit his paintings in many art galleries in Tel Aviv.
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