Amazing Japanese  Legal Ivory  from the Meji period.
Four Japanese Gods: JUROJIN, Fukurokuju,Ebisu & Hotei- They are all e members of Japan’s Seven Lucky Gods
JUROJIN – bearded holding a double gourd(first from the right)
God of Longevity. Jurojin is often identified with Fukurokuju. In some traditions, the two are said to inhabit the same body.

Fukurokuju – holding a staff and fruit with a crane in front(Second from the right)
God of Wisdom, Wealth, Longevity. The bearded Fukurokuju has an unusually high forehead, and is typically holding a cane with sutra scroll (Jp. = hebi) attached to it. Often associated with or confused with Jur?jin (see below) — the two are said to inhabit the same body.

Ebisu  – Man fishing(Third from the right)
God of Good Fortune, the Ocean, and Fishing Folk. Also Deity of Honest Labor & Patron of Laborers. Today he symbolizes not only safe sailing and plentiful fishing, but business prosperity for merchants in all trades.

Hotei – holding a rat & his wondering bag(Fourth from the right)
Hotei is known as the Fat Buddha or Laughing Buddha in the West. Hotei is the fat God of Abundance, contentment and happiness.

Each god if polychrome painted and each bearing the same two character mark to underside, tallest is 3.25″ H.

Measurements :
Height: 8.2, Width:0 , Length: 0 Cm