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Create the perfect ambience while entertaining. Make a statement with your distinctive sense of personal style by adorning your table with the collection’s exclusive line of dinnerware.

Arabesque’s complex patterns represent far more than just design and decoration. They are ancient geometric forms consisting of models taken from plant and animal life – nature’s supreme mathematical code.

Cutting edge computer programming has captured this ancient form in binary codes, thereby fusing the old with the new. Without the use of modern technology, these products could never have been produced. When these patterns are unified they create an infinite form that transcends the visible and comprehensible world.

The design marries the old with the new, the East with the West and the physical with the spiritual, embodying the chain of continuity and symbolising peace and spiritual harmony. Dinner Plates High grade gold embossed on Ivory Fine Bone China Porcelain. (Close to 50% real animal bone ash). High grade gold embossed on Ivory Fine Bone China Porcelain amalgamated with 18K & Titanium fused plating on a composite of alloys.

The whole set include:
Dinner Set
6 – First Course Plate – Ivory Fine Bone China – 24cm / 9.4inch
6 – Dinner Plate – Ivory Fine Bone China- 30cm / 11.8inch
6 – Soup Bowl- Ivory Fine Bone China- 23cm / 9.1inch
6 – Under Plate – Ivory Fine Bone China- 33cm / 13inch
6 – Dessert Plate – Ivory fine bone china – 20cm / 7.9inch
6 – B&B Plate – Ivory fine bone china – 16cm/ 6.3inch

1 Tea infuser
6 Knife rest
6 Napkin ring Holder
6 Table top name card holders
1 Oil & Vinegar
1 Salt & Pepper
1 Pair of Candlesticks

Coffee Set
6 Coffee / Tea Cup & Saucer
1 Milk Vessel
1 Sugar Vessel
1 Coffee pot
1 Tea pot
6 Espresso Cup & Saucer
Measurements :
Height: 0, Width:0 , Length: 0 CM