This horse is a common show horse in both English and Western styles; this amazing contemporary modern Bronze artwork depicts a peaceful walking horse – rested on amethyst semi precious stone.  This walking horse sculpture is richly detailed in a stunning bronze finish. This artwork is perfect addition to any home or for horse show trophies. This 31 cm tall sculpture was crafted using the traditional lost wax – also known as hot cast method. I am sure you would want to have!! The artist who did this great work is called Ebano, below are more details about him:

Manuel Vidal: self taught artist, an ardent admirer of the human form and dedicated to the search of formal perfection. He has become known through many artistic statements such as exhibitions, museums, small scale collections and also unique life size sculptures for public places. Ebano International has reproduced his work in bronze using the lost wax casting process. After an artisan process of patina applied with fire, each piece results in the renowned quality characteristic of Ebano’s collections.