This is an amazingly hand crafted Meissen Porcelain Ewer, “Air” from the Elements Series modeled after J.J. Kandler. Look at the huge pitcher that has a host of figurines, etched and embossed animals while the white drapery, forms the handle. Notice the wind swept white drapery and how it has been cleverly crafted to become a part of the pitcher. Look at the seated figure of the Roman goddess, Juno seated opposite the figure of Zephyr. Modelled in raised relief, there is a large sized peacock and is flanked by a host of other variety of birds. They adorn the body of the pitcher while the other figures are in the air. Notice how the pink cloth is draped around the Juno.

Look at the gilded crown and the delicate facial features. The hair on the nape of her neck, the fold of the leg and the tiny toes are all done with immense patience and skill. Exquisitely carved and hand-painted in delicate hues, it is easy to see the string of roses that overlap on the handle and the pitcher body. See how the celestial cherub holds on to the end of the drape while one hand overlaps the ewer.

Look at the multicolored feathers that interspersed the neck of the pitcher or ewer that has been carved as wide brimmed helmet spout. Notice the celestial musicians that are holding a large bagpipe while the base has plenty of other figurines that are colorfully hand crafted. Notice the string of flowers that are close to the face of the cherubs on the base.  See the crossed sword marks in blue underglaze, incised 2202 of 19th Century that is of height 26.4 inches (67cm).


excellent; no chips; cracks