Notice the beauty and clarity of this exquisite sculpture that has been crafted by hand from solid mammoth ivory tusk piece.

Look at the elephant as it sits among the waves while people around are frolicking in the water.

A man is seen atop the elephants back while the other one seems to washing the elephant’s tail.

Notice the beautiful froth of the waves as it washes over the children, elephant and the huge shells.

See the skill with which the artist has carved each detail with intricate attention.

Notice the huge shell on the left that shows all the ridges and groves in uniform while the elephant throwing water from the trunk is expertly carved.
See the uniformity of the waves, the froth on it is executed in pristine detail.

The fluidity and flexibility of the artist’s skills is noticeable on each aspect of the sculpture.

Notice the beautiful milky white ivory, the natural breaks and indentations along the carving as the exterior of the tusk dried and cracked due to the immense cold as it lay buried in the permafrost of the Tundra.

It is set on a carved teakwood base which is customized for this specific sculpture and accentuates its beauty.

You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center. 
Measurements  of the Wooden Base:
 Height:3.54 ,Width: 6.3  Length: 3.55 Inch / 9x 16X 8 cm

Measurements  of Ivory only:
3.55 , Width:12.6,  Length:1.18 Inch /  8X 32x 3 Cm

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Measurements :
Height: 18, Width:32 , Length: 3 Cm