Russian Jewelry in antiquity


Traditional russian jewellery was pearl, produced in kidney-shaped shells, and mined in northern rivers. Found in rivers these pearls were used to create earrings and necklaces, it was also used to decorate hats and clothing.

Kolodochka is another piece of traditional jewelry in ancient Russia. This was tightly-woven beads or a chain that resemble the body of a snake.  The Gaitan was a decoration consisting of of twisted metal rings completed with weavings of beads or threads. Butterflies were also a significant part of russian jewelry.


Russian Silver

The most commonly found Russian silver is russian silver 84. This russian silver hallmark is the standard for every-day silver purity.  On  russian jewelry  the “84”  russian silver hallmark is always accompanied by several other marks that express region or city punch, an assay master’s mark, as well as a maker’s punch.

These with the exception of the maker’s punch were compulsory according to the law in the 18th and 19th centuries. In 1899 these were replaced by a national marking system, the Kokoshnik.

According to these markings russian antique silver can be evaluated and estimated. At you can find russian silver antiques and russian jewelry with  a variety of russian silver hallmarks that ensure authenticity as well as chronology of the items.

One of the most noteworthy Russian silversmiths with is Karl Faberge.  Faberge creations were all created with russian silver hallmark “88” and not  russian silver 84. These items are of the finest quality and over time items of huge collector value.

Russian enamel jewelry

During the 19th century the manufacturing of russian enamel jewelry reached the mass production scale. This brought about the establishment of small factories. With most creations depicting local folk culture.

By 1920 – 1930 brooches, powder boxes, frames photos and other russian enamel jewelry.

The second half of the 20th  brought about the increase in manufacturing, expansion of variety and improvement in the quality of Russian enamel. These products continue to be of the highest quality. Russian enamel jewelry are admired for their high quality and designs, luster and transparency of colors. Find breathtaking pieces at