The joys of acquiring Meissen Porcelain has now been simplified with the rise of reputable stores committed to providing you with art and history in a single location.

The first European made porcelain first appeared in the market back in 1710 thanks to the efforts of the Saxon company, Meissen. This instantly created a shift in the market that was entirely dominated by Asian companies given the quality of the productions. Since then anyone with a soft spot for porcelains considers their collection incomplete without Meissen Porcelain which is a true mark of art. More than 300 years later, ancient productions from the company are still on sale and can easily be purchased through reputable online stores.

A little digging into the history of Meissen leads to Johann Friedrich Böttger who is on record for accidentally discovering the secret to making porcelain. The alchemist was supposed to create artificial gold for the king but instead ended up with the formula which later led to the opening up of the manufacturing facility. Improvements were later made to this original formula which produced porcelain that was smoky in tone and lacking in the touch of style that defined later productions. Taking a look at the outstanding designs that have been produced by the company since then, it reveals nothing but the class which deserves to be in your collection.

Meissen Porcelain is one of the most valuable items you can ever acquire given the uncompromised quality on their hand-crafted work. Right from the company’s establishment, secrecy reigned supreme as the processes were well guarded to avoid any imitations. Even today when there have been many companies that have tried to replicate the original productions, they continuously fail to meet the standards of Meissen productions. This makes the creations priceless as each piece is a rare item which cannot be replicated by any other manufacturer making your investment worth every penny.

The 19th century Meissen porcelain figures and ivory figurines are the current craze as more individuals look to own one of these masterpieces. These ancient models are in particular exemplary as they were crafted by artists who placed great interest in details leaving nothing to chance. A delicate balance is maintained in each porcelain decanter which exposes finesse at its best. A lot of the productions also bring to life most of the ancient mythologies which is what were preferred by the royal families who were the primary market for all the productions.

The mark of quality in Meissen porcelain is in its trademark of crossed swords which is one of the oldest that is still in existence. This trademark was begun in 1718 when one of the employees attempted to use the well-kept production secret to start his factory. It is out this necessity that a marking system had to be established to prove the authenticity of Meissen’s productions. The underglaze cobalt blue which was perfected in 1720 further helped in making the marking more fool-proof and distinct in the market. It is not unusual to find other symbols added to the crossed swords as this has been a part of production orders by in-house artists since 1730.