WOOLLY MAMMOTH TEETH are a popular display fossil of any collection.  The famous Woolly mammoth can be considered the mascot animal of the Earth’s final Ice Age and this massive beast most certainly gained respect to all that got in its way including both Neanderthals and modern humans.  

With this listing we offer an amazing specimen, perfect for museum exhibitions to demonstrate prehistoric elephant dental anatomy and the mechanics of chewing.  This is a unique display specimen set of an UPPER AND LOWER MOLAR TOOTH from a EUROPEAN Woolly mammoth, Mammuthus primigenius, of the last Ice Age.  No compromises in quality was made in this  Tooth-  IS THE FINEST POSSIBLE GRADE .

The Tooth is  heavy and solid, of the highest preservation.  Cracks have been filled and stabilized.  This woolly mammoth Tooth is complete with NO REPAIR AND NO FABRICATION.  100% GENUINE!  Chewing surfaces are complete and intact. 

Measurements :
Height: 15, Width:13 , Length: 8 Cm