This beautiful three monkeys carving on a piece of mammoth ivory has been done exceptionally well. Look at the intricate carvings on the monkeys. From the facial expressions to the tiny details on the fur of the animals, everything has been done carefully.  See how the monkey’s paws have been well-defined. Each of the monkey has been carved in a different position and doing a different activity. Look at the aggressive pose of the monkey on the top. See the pose as it sits with one hand on the rock and the other one near its feet. The monkey at the bottom seems to be looking up at it with an expectant look on his pose.  Notice the raw cut ivory with straight clear and delineated lines that is giving the complete sculpture a natural and wild beauty. The Master Carver has captured a scene from the wild nature and expressed it beautifully in mammoth ivory.

Three monkeys on rocks

Turning it over, the demarcation of the monkeys and within the sculpture can be seen with crisscross patterns of etching. Look at the hanging tail of the monkey, the other big sized monkey is trying to crawl down. Each action of the monkey is defined and well-sculpted. Notice the fur and the shape of each animal. The Master Carver has managed to sculpt this beautiful sculpture of three monkeys with total attention and has not missed any details. Look at the tiny leaves and flowers that dot the spaces in and around the three monkeys. See how well-defined and delineated the curves and lines are. Sculpting such amazing details on a piece of small ivory is amazing. The complete sculpture is set on carved wooden stand that not only looks elegant but renders the sculpture of three monkeys an air of significance.

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